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Besides, when it comes to traditional Chinese clothing, the traditional Chinese dress qipao (旗袍, qípáo) and Chinese tunic suit (中山装, zhōngshānzhuāng ) are also very popular. Let’s have a closer look at all 3 types one by one. Khoury home branches number

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We've been Custom tailoring chinese dress, qipaos since 1997, and our traditional handicrafts are intricately made by craftsman all over the country rich in history

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Spanish conquistadores had an enormous impact on indigenous clothing. What we know today as typical Mexican clothing has much to do with this influence. China poblana. One of the more emblematic women's outfits is the china poblana, or Chinese Pueblan in English. This outfit is known for its white shirt, shawl and wide, colorful dress.

Like people of most cultures, Greeks wear different types of clothing for different occasions. Modern clothing is generally stylish and conservative. Traditional clothing is layered and colorful.

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