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Sainsbury's cookies are much better value - you get 5 cookies for less than the price of 2 cookies at Millies. One selling point is their giant cookies which are novel - they are in a big pizza-like box and you can get anything you like written on them. Great for a birthday present or just a present for yourself. Now that is indulgence at its best! Perfect trend system review

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Giant Cookies Pizza Cookies Cookie Cakes Cookie Pizza Champagne Truffles Millies Cookies Cakes And More Baddie Birthday Cookies When you can't get to Millie's Cookies to buy a giant iced cookie so you just make your own 💁🏼🍪💕 does this get me major girlfriend points? A single cookie normally costs £1.29. You can also get this offer online at Millie's Cookies , but you'll pay a hefty £5.99 delivery. This offer is called a 'year's supply of cookies' - but we think you might get through them a bit quicker than that.

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More about Millie's Cookies. Millie's Cookies has been around since 1985, when the American-style cookie, which is chewy and soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside, begun to challenge the enduring popularity of the classic British biscuit selection the UK.

No matter what the occasion, celebrate in style by adding a hand iced message or have your favourite picture printed onto a giant Millie’s cookie! The personalised text is displayed for illustrative purposes only. All cookies are hand-iced so text may appear differently on the final product.

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